Disconnect between Philadelphia and national media is embarrassing

Philadelphia has never been a favorite of the national media due to the reputation the city has earned throughout the years. However, Philadelphia has evolved into one of the most passionate sports cities in America and deserves the recognition as such.

During Sunday night’s Little League Classic matchup featuring the Philadelphia Phillies and Washington Nationals, ESPN was broadcasting the game nationally. Outside of the game, the commentators stumbled throughout when it came to Philadelphia, from calling the kids of Bryce Harper and Nick Castellanos by the wrong names, to bringing up past narratives as if they were recent.

It was downright embarrassing to have to listen throughout the broadcast. It seems most of the national media tends to have an agenda against Philadelphia. Whether it’s due to the fans, snowballs or, even most recently, the standing ovation for Trea Turner. The narrative is always, “The tough and bad city of Philadelphia, etc., etc.”

The narrative about Philadelphia needs to change on a national level

The fans learned a great lesson with Alec Bohm last season after showing him an outpouring of love after a rough patch and his entire season changed in that moment. Philly has done it with a struggling Trea Turner and it seems to be the changing point for him as well.

Regardless of the sport, the narrative is always the same. I am not the only one who is fed up about this.

The replies and even quote tweets were in the majority of supporting Kylee.

Across all sports, the media has turned on Philadelphia. Whether it is Jalen Hurts or Bryce Harper, it just baffles me these guys can prove themselves and put their teams on their back … and still receive biased commentary.

The city of Philadelphia deserves better than what they have endured. They have evolved from those crazy days at the Vet. It is time for the media to move forward from “Snowballs at Santa” and more about the passion and love these teams bring to the fans of this amazing city.

In fact, this article could help dive more into what it means to be a Philadelphia fan.

The message remains the same: passionate, hard-working and invested. The narrative needs to shift when we see fights breaking out in other cities that the national media has been “worshiping.” It is time for the winds of change to blow and carry Philadelphia into the limelight.