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About Me

I'm a life-long geek who's passionate about software quality. The bulk of my experience is in back-end technologies, though I've done some front-end work as well, my favorite so far being a combination of React and Relay.


I've built my skill set over the years to include many well-known established technologies as well as a few cutting-edge stacks.


I've been working in the typical Microsoft stack since 2001, and consider C# my "native language." I find this stack a perfect solution when strong typing is needed.


I picked up Node.js about 6 years ago and have loved it from day one. It's especially great with when you need to deal with data of any shape with low-overhead maintenance and makes for quick development of easily horizontally scalable systems and Microservices architectures.

SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is my typical go-to for applications in need of an RDBMS. It's solid and fast; a perfect choice for strictly-structured data.


I've used MongoDB for a whole range of projects. It's ability to handle large data loads and semi-structured data is unbeatable.


React has been my go-to for UIs that require complex interaction and complex data. I'm patiently waiting the stable release of Concurrent Mode.


My new current love affair is a whole new approach to accessing data on the client. An advantage of GraphQL is that it's a spec, not a technology implemented in one way, so when it's needed, it's typically easy to use regardless of your stack.


I'm a huge fan of good documentation (hence the layout of this site), and will always take the time to create it when feasible.


I also do some contract work from time to time.


My longest-running client, Craimark is top-notch when it comes to video production and marketing.


Gomigo will soon be a game-changer when it comes to easily meeting up with friends.


Building better financial habits is something everyone can get behind, and Ostrich is a great place to start making that happen.

ECP, Inc.

ECP has been providing high quality protective coatings for automobiles for over 50 years.