Chicago White Sox: Who belongs on the franchise’s Mt. Rushmore?

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Since their inception in 1901, the Chicago White Sox have etched their name as a cornerstone in the landscape of Major League Baseball. With a rich history spanning more than a century, the team has seen its fair share of triumphs, challenges, and defining moments over the years.

The early years of the White Sox were marked by success, as they clinched their first World Series championship in 1906, earning them the moniker “The Hitless Wonders.” The team’s roster boasted exceptional talents like Ed Walsh (more about him shortly) and “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, propelling them to the pinnacle of baseball glory.

However, the team faced adversity in the form of the infamous “Black Sox” scandal of 1919, tarnishing their reputation and leading to the banishment of several players. Despite this setback, the White Sox rebounded and went on to clinch another World Series title in 2005, ending an 88-year championship drought.

Throughout the decades, the White Sox have been defined by some iconic players, including some we will discuss in this article. The team’s distinctive pinstriped uniforms and the historic Comiskey Park, their former home, became symbols of their enduring legacy.

But which players symbolize the history of the White Sox the most? We dug through the record books to find four players who stand above the rest on the South Side.

The 4 players who belong on Mt. Rushmore for the Chicago White Sox

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