Pete Alonso makes good after “brain fart” that drew ire of St. Louis Cardinals fans

Mistakes happen in life, including in sports. Such was the case apparently with Pete Alonso of the New York Mets during a Friday night matchup against the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium.

Pete Alonso clears up Masyn Winn situation during New York Mets-St. Louis Cardinals game

As we detailed last night when Cardinals fans began blowing up social media with their reactions after Alonso threw the ball that was used during Masyn Winn’s first MLB hit into the stands in the middle of what would eventually be a 7-1 victory by the Mets. On a night when there were few Cardinals highlights, many members of Cardinals nation took exception to Alonso seemingly ready to throw the ball back to the dugout before flinging it into the stands behind the St. Louis dugout.

However, after the game and after the ball had reportedly been returned to Winn, a very remorseful Alonso discussed his actions and assured everyone that it was a mistake and there was no intent behind the throw.

As you can see in the video below, Alonso says, “I feel horrible. I feel awful. I know it sounds stupid, but it’s just a bad brain fart. I know throwing the ball in the stands, that robs him of a really special moment.”

Alonso also said he apologized to Winn during the game and added he would try to talk to Winn again on Saturday and “get him something for tomorrow as an apology.”

It certainly seems from Alonso’s words and body movement after the game that it was simply a mistake and nothing more should be read into the throw. It will likely be a topic of conversation heading into Saturday night’s rematch between the two teams that have both disappointed in the 2023 campaign, but Alonso seems intent on simply making his amends and moving on.

Vilified in the moments after the throw, Alonso taking responsibility for his actions proves that everyone can indeed make mistakes, but it’s how people respond to those mistakes that often prove their character and true intent.