St. Louis Cardinals: The 4 players who are on the franchise’s Mount Rushmore

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The St. Louis Cardinals have a storied history filled with players who have impacted the franchise throughout the years. But which ones are the greatest of the great? These are the four players we believe belong on the franchise’s Mount Rushmore.

Picking just four players wasn’t easy, and there will likely be plenty of debate about this list. With a passionate fan base like the St. Louis Cardinals have and scores of players who have made their own marks on the team through the years, it makes sense that there will be some arguments on who does or doesn’t belong on this list.

However, we’re diving into the debate head first.

St. Louis Cardinals: Stan Musial belongs on the franchise’s Mount Rushmore

Musial, affectionately known as “Stan the Man,” made an impact on the St. Louis Cardinals that continues to resonate through generations of baseball enthusiasts.

Musial’s 22-year career, all spent with the Cardinals, is a testament to his unwavering loyalty and unparalleled skill. His batting prowess was nothing short of legendary, amassing an astounding 3,630 hits, 475 home runs, and a lifetime .331 batting average. His sweet left-handed swing and consistent offensive output made him one of the most feared hitters in the game’s history as he earned seven career batting titles.

A 24-time All-Star and three-time MVP, Musial led the Cardinals to three World Series titles. His legacy is immortalized in the hearts of Cardinals fans and the annals of baseball history, solidifying him as a cornerstone of the franchise and a timeless symbol of what it means to be a true legend of the game.

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