MLB Power Rankings: Atlanta Braves holding pre-trade deadline top position

It’s hard to believe, but the 2023 MLB trade deadline is finally almost here. There have already been some fireworks with some big named players moved and some teams are putting together a late pre-deadline push to become buyers instead of being sellers.

Regarding the weekly power rankings for the final week in July, things stayed status quo at the top with the Atlanta Braves again holding off the Baltimore Orioles. Things get interesting in the middle 10 as the Boston Red Sox are coming off of an impressive two-game sweep of the Braves at home, but dropped two out of three to San Francisco Giants, and expect GM Chaim Bloom to be a buyer instead of a seller.

One team that looked like that was going to be a seller this time last week, the Chicago Cubs, have become buyers and will more than likely hold onto pitcher Marcus Stroman and outfielder Cody Bellinger. The St. Louis Cardinals have taken third baseman Nolan Arenado off the trade block and it’s going to make for a low-move day on July 31.

As the season begins the final two months and the race to October, here are the latest weekly power rankings, the final one before the official trade deadline of August 1.

  1. Atlanta Braves (last week: 1)
  2. Baltimore Orioles (last week 2)
  3. Los Angeles Dodgers (last week 3)
  4. Texas Rangers (last week 4)
  5. Tampa Bay Rays (last week 5)
  6. Houston Astros (last week 6)
  7. Milwaukee Brewers (last week 8)
  8. Cincinnati Reds (last week 13)
  9. Toronto Blue Jays (last week 10)
  10. Boston Red Sox (last week 11)
  11. San Francisco Giants (last week 7)
  12. San Diego Padres (last week 12)
  13. Arizona Diamondbacks (last week 9)
  14. Philadelphia Phillies (16)
  15. Miami Marlins (last week 14)
  16. Minnesota Twins (last week 15)
  17. New York Yankees (last week 17)
  18. Cleveland Guardians (last week 19)
  19. Los Angeles Angels (last week 18)
  20. Chicago Cubs (last week 22)
  21. Seattle Mariners (last week 21)
  22. St. Louis Cardinals (last week 20)
  23. New York Mets (last week 23)
  24. Pittsburgh Pirates (last week 25)
  25. Chicago White Sox (last week 26)
  26. Detroit Tigers (last week 24)
  27. Colorado Rockies (last week 27)
  28. Washington Nationals (last week (28)
  29. Kansas City Royals (last week 29)
  30. Oakland Athletics (last week 30)

Expect all contenders to make some type of love before the deadline. The Braves could use some pitching, the Dodgers still expect to add another arm and who knows what the Orioles and Rays are going to do, and whatever they decide to do could give them the edge over the other in the race or the American League East.