MLB Power Rankings: Atlanta Braves trying to hold off Baltimore Orioles

It has not been a good first three series for the Atlanta Braves since the second half continued for them 10 days ago. The leaders of last week’s MLB power rankings dropped two out of three at home in back-to-back series to the Chicago White Sox and Arizona Diamondbacks, before winning two out of three over the Milwaukee Brewers.

Atlanta is dealing with a lot of injuries, mainly to their pitching, which has played a hand in the early second-half struggles. The goodness is that reinforcements are on the way with some injured starters close to returning and who knows what could be added to either the rotation or bullpen at next week’s trade deadline.

The Baltimore Orioles have taken advantage of the Tampa Bay Rays’ struggles and currently lead the American League East by 2.0 games after winning three out of four this past weekend over the Rays. Staying in the AL, the Los Angeles Angels have crept back into Wild Card contention following a sweep of the New York Yankees last week, putting even more attention on whether or not they are going to trade star Shohei Ohtani or not.

Speaking of the Yankees, it could not be a worse start to the second half of the season, but a three-game home series with the Kansas City Royals quieted the whispers … for now.

In the National League, the Miami Marlins are struggling and have dropped eight of nine out of the break and have fallen into a deep hole behind the Braves in the NL East, while the St. Louis Cardinals are one of the hottest teams since the break, but it is a case of too little too late in 2023 and they will more than likely start selling some pieces over the next week.

With eight days until the trade deadline on August 1, here are the next-to-last MLB Power Rankings before all teams either are buyers, sellers or stand pat.

  1. Atlanta Braves (last week: 1)
  2. Baltimore Orioles (last week: 2)
  3. Los Angeles Dodgers (last week: 3)
  4. Texas Rangers (last week: 4)
  5. Houston Astros (last week: 10)
  6. Tampa Bay Rays (last week: 5)
  7. San Francisco Giants (last week: 6)
  8. Milwaukee Brewers (last week: 11)
  9. Arizona Diamondbacks (last week: 12)
  10. Toronto Blue Jays (last week: 8)
  11. Boston Red Sox (last week: 10)
  12. San Diego Padres (last week: 16)
  13. Cincinnati Reds (last week: 13)
  14. Miami Marlins (last week: 7)
  15. Minnesota Twins (last week: 17)
  16. Philadelphia Phillies (last week: 14)
  17. New York Yankees (last week: 15)
  18. Los Angeles Angels (last week: 21)
  19. Cleveland Guardians (last week: 19)
  20. St. Louis Cardinals (last week: 26)
  21. Seattle Mariners (last week: 18)
  22. Chicago Cubs (last week: 22)
  23. New York Mets (last week: 20)
  24. Detroit Tigers (last week: 24)
  25. Pittsburgh Pirates (last week: 23)
  26. Chicago White Sox (last week: 25)
  27. Colorado Rockies (last week: 28)
  28. Washington Nationals (last week: 27)
  29. Kansas City Royals (last week: 29)
  30. Oakland Athletics (last week: 30)

There was not a lot of movement at the top of the rankings, but there certainly was in the bottom two-thirds. It is going to be interesting to see how some of the teams on the fence fair in the next week and which way their front offices will go at the deadline.