Atlanta Braves: The 4 players who are on the franchise’s Mount Rushmore

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The Atlanta Braves, a storied franchise with a rich history spanning more than 150 years, have seen numerous baseball legends grace their roster. From iconic home run hitters to dominant pitchers, these players have left an indelible mark on the team and its fans.

Just as Mount Rushmore commemorates the most important figures in American history, it’s only fitting to create an Atlanta Braves’ Mount Rushmore to honor the four greatest players in the team’s history.

The Braves’ history goes beyond the friendly confines of Turner Field and Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, but within those hallowed walls, we find the careers of the four players who make up what we believe to be the team’s Mount Rushmore. From Boston to Atlanta, with a stopover in Milwaukee, from the Red Stockings, Beaneaters, Doves and Rustlers to the Braves, they have had some fantastic players. It’s not easy to narrow it down to just four, but there are the players who we believe should be on the franchise’s Mount Rushmore.

The Greatest of All Time: Hank Aaron

Position: Outfielder & First Baseman

Career: 1954-1974

Years with Braves: 1954-1974

Primary Stats: .310 batting average, 3,600 hits, 733 home runs

Accolades: 25-time All-Star, 1-time MVP, 3-time Gold Glove, 2-time batting champion

When discussing the Atlanta Braves’ Mount Rushmore, one name immediately comes to mind: Hank Aaron. Revered as one of the greatest players in baseball history, Aaron’s impact on the Braves and the sport as a whole is immeasurable. Over his illustrious career, he amassed remarkable statistics, including a .305 batting average, 3,771 hits, and a jaw-dropping 755 home runs. Aaron’s ability to consistently deliver powerful hits and his unwavering dedication to the game made him a standout player.

Beyond his statistical achievements, Aaron’s legacy extends far beyond the baseball diamond. As a symbol of resilience and perseverance, he faced racial adversity with grace and courage. Breaking Babe Ruth’s home run record in 1974, Aaron became an inspiration for generations of players and fans alike.

His contributions to the Braves and the sport as a whole make him an undeniable choice for the Atlanta Braves’ Mount Rushmore.


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