The Miami Marlins actually do have a Jazz Chisholm problem

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It’s becoming clear in 2023 that the Miami Marlins do have a Jazz Chisholm problem. It’s just not the one that you might think.

When you think Miami Marlins, you think Jazz Chisholm Jr.

Being on the cover of MLB The Show will do that for a player.

Two months ago, when Chisholm was making his first return from injury of the 2023 season, one-time team president and long-time gasbag David Samson made some waves when he posited on The Dan Le Batard Show that the Miami Marlins have a Jazz Chisholm problem, and that “their issue with Jazz is significant.” Basically, he suggests in the segment that the team felt that they were better without him.

Now, logic alone makes that statement look very false, at least in the manner Samson was implying. Chisholm is unquestionably the most dynamic offensive weapon on the 2023 Marlins roster, both then and now alike. There have been zero whispers of anything like the personality clashes between old guard and new that helped to wreck the 2022 club. Not to mention the fact that the segment aged very poorly as Chisholm’s play almost singlehandedly sparked the Marlins to a sweep of the Boston Red Sox. Samson’s valuation of Sean West held up better than that. Unfortunately, I did say first return from injury. Three games later, he would be knocked out for nearly another month. Not exactly ideal.

The Miami Marlins are 63-59 entering play Friday. Which means they have played 63 more games than their face of the franchise center fielder has in 2023. That grim reality leaves zero doubt about it.

The Miami Marlins actually do have a Jazz Chisholm problem. It’s just not the one many think.

Just what kind of, and how complex a problem is it? Let’s take a look.

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