5 more players to trade for on MLB The Show 23

The beauty of MLB The Show, besides its multi-platform availability, is its multiple options for gameplay.

Gamers can play Road to the Show, creating a player to work through the Minor Leagues and become a pro. Online Dynasty allows players to compete against others across the globe in competition.

Then there is Franchise Mode, in which you can take over your favorite team as coach and GM to build a dynasty for years to come. Check out the first edition of this trade guide here.

This is a trading guide for MLB The Show 23 Franchise Mode

No team is perfect and, as the general manager of your franchise, you can make the trades you want to improve your roster. Here are some players you should target, that are both gettable and will upgrade your team.

Eloy Jiminez

Left Fielder, Chicago White Sox, 78 overall

This is not a move to get a starting left fielder. No, this is the guy to go get to be the designated hitter. There are some other gettable guys with some pop, such as Hunter Renfroe or Kyle Schwarber, but Jiminez is the guy to get here.

All of the contact and power stats for Jimenez are above 70, meaning, he can DH regardless of the dexterity of the opposing pitcher. In my latest franchise, Jimenez had four home runs through the first three games and none of them were with a perfectly timed swing.

Go get him now. It won’t break the bank to acquire him either.

Jonah Heim

Catcher, Texas Rangers, 81 overall

Catcher is a premier position in baseball. To acquire an elite catcher, it will cost you. It is also crucial to have a solid backup as the wear and tear on catchers calls for a day off every three to four days. So if you have Adley Rutschman or Sean Murphy behind the dish, snagging Heim as their backup isn’t a bad idea.

However, if you do not want to pay the premium to get a stud behind the dish, Heim is an awesome, affordable option. The 27-year-old is affordable and just entering his prime. He’s a switch hitter that hits lefties better, but is also a solid backstop defensively.

Best part? He makes less than $1 million. Get him and spend your money on someone else.

Andrew Kittredge

Relief Pitcher, Tampa Bay Rays, 75 overall

A name possibly forgotten due to injury, Andrew Kittredge is a cheap-must-add to any roster. The 33-year-old has a 99 velocity rating and 80 break rating (which is awesome on its own merit), but it’s the 78 control and 80 BB/9 ratings that matter.

He’s just not going to walk guys and more often than will throw the pitch where you intend it to go. You can make him your closer or a set up guy, but he needs to be in your bullpen both for ability and cheap availability.

Esteury Ruiz

Center Fielder, Oakland Athletics, 77 overall

With every roster update put out by MLB the Show, Ruiz becomes more and more expensive … and for good reason. The MLB leader in stolen bases is an ideal guy to have on your roster. He has 97 speed with an 87 steal rating, making him a stolen base threat every time he’s on base.

He’s not a power hitter, but his contact rating against righties and lefties are improving with each update. He’s almost up to 80 with contact against lefties.

All teams need an ultra-utility guy. Why not get one that is freaky fast? Ruiz has the ability to play every position on the field except first base and catcher.

John Means

Starting Pitcher, Baltimore Orioles, 77 Overall

John Means is like the left-handed, starting version of Andrew Kittredge, minus the velocity. Means is not about to blow a fastball by anyone, but he fills the strike zone. His control rating is 76 to go along with 97 break. Think of him as Dollar General Tom Glavine.

You need a lefty in your rotation and the Orioles are more than willing to ship him out. Plug him in as a three to five starter and you can do no wrong. He’s not going to walk guys and his H/9 rating is 71, so he should have a relatively low WHIP.