NL East trade chip candidates for Braves, Mets, Phillies, Marlins and Nationals

Entering the month of June, we are approaching the trade deadline. The still confusing standings are projecting which teams could be buyers and which could be sellers, including in the NL East.

The case of the East Division of the National League is intriguing. At least four teams have hopes of competing in October. In this sense, we are going to define which player from each organization would be the safest trade card this summer and what could be the landing destination for each of them.

Trade chip candidate for every team in the NL East division

Atlanta Braves: Vaughn Grissom. The Atlanta Braves are again vying for the lead in the NL East. Despite being dominated the whole year, the team has some needs, especially in the rotation and outfield. Grissom may be the trade chip they need to build the best team in MLB this year. The former top prospect showed last year that he possesses talent at-bat, but his inability to play shortstop makes him an expendable player in the Braves organization.

Targets: Cleveland Guardians, San Francisco Giants, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs.

Miami Marlins. Edward Cabrera. Pitching, that’s what abounds most in the Marlins organization. For some years, the team has tried to trade a pitcher for a productive bat for its depleted lineup. Cabrera has already been in the crosshairs to be traded by Miami. Just as they managed to get Luis Arraez for Pablo Lopez, Edward Cabrera can get a productive and controllable bat for the Florida team.

Targets: St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox.

New York Mets. Eduardo Escobar. The Mets have a top prospect in Ronny Mauricio to get what they need, but the team has been reluctant to part with their farm system. The team has multiple areas of need, and Escobar could help with at least one. The Venezuelan has some market value thanks to his versatility in the infield and his bat, which has been hot since May. Escobar can generate a medium return for the Mets in the form of some middle reliever.

Targets: Los Angeles Dodgers, Cleveland Guardians, Milwaukee Brewers.

Philadelphia Phillies. Griff McGarry. Dave Dombrowski has proven to be a general manager who has never been afraid to drain his farm system with the desire to win a title. However, this time he will be a bit recruiting to sell his two pitching prospects, Andrew Painter and Mick Abel. This leaves us with McGarry, a well-stuffed prospect who ranks slightly outside the top 100 prospects. The young pitcher can be the center of a package to get a level pitcher to help them reach the postseason.

Targets: Cleveland Guardians, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs.

Washington Nationals. Dominic Smith. The Nationals are evidently sellers on their way to the trade deadline. Despite being a team with few options to sell, newcomer Dominic Smith can be a trading chip that generates some return for the team. Smith is hitting well so far this year, and his defensive ability, versatility, and cost can earn the Nationals a type B prospect.

Targets: New York Yankees, Miami Marlins, Milwaukee Brewers, Baltimore Orioles.