4 biggest threats to the Atlanta Braves in the National League

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Finding a true “threat” to the Atlanta Braves has been completely impossible since the start of June. A team that is without two of their top three pitchers in Max Fried and Kyle Wright keeps finding ways to win.

Whether it is a surprise performance from what is now a young rotation or the offense knocking an opposing starter out before the third inning, this team can win in so many ways. Whether it is knocking the ball out of the park or getting on base and stealing their way into scoring position, it is a relentless offense that rarely goes quiet.

It is a complete roster that should be expected to improve both at the trade deadline and by adding back key starters they are missing.

Who can realistically threaten the Atlanta Braves in the National League?

The Los Angeles Dodgers have taken a step back and aren’t close to the team they have been in seasons past. This leaves the field after the Braves wide open in the National League without one clear threat come playoff time if the Atlanta roster is able to stay healthy.

With this in mind, let’s look at the four teams the Braves should have the most respect for heading into the playoffs at season’s end.

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