3 players that Atlanta Braves fans wish were a part of the 2023 Home Run Derby

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Before looking at the Atlanta Braves best suited for the upcoming Home Run Derby in Seattle, it is worth noting that, in some ways, it is relieving not to have an Atlanta player in the bracket. With how well this lineup is clicking and the consistency they are approaching the game with, it is understandable not to risk an injury or changing your swing for the fan-favorite event.

There is conflicting information on whether or not the Home Run Derby truly impacts a player’s swing or production in the weeks after the event. In truth, this all depends on the player, his approach, and the situation.

Without an Atlanta Brave in the Home Run Derby, any of this debate or concern goes away. In seasons past, this could have been viewed differently. However, with the Braves clearly the National League favorites, it isn’t worth doing anything that could cause injury or disrupt an offense that has been on a torrid pace since the start of June.

With this all in mind, let’s take a look at three Atlanta Braves that would clearly thrive in the derby this season with a chance to bring more hardware home to Atlanta.

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